Domestic Manufacturing

Global Values is one of the largest domestic manufacturers in North America committed to providing quality granite products for memorials, civic projects, and architectural work. With skilled labor and state of the art equipment, we domestically manufacture stone products made from beautiful granite, marble, sandstone and limestone from around the world. We have the capability, knowledge, and equipment to complete every manufacturing job, no matter how complex. Our team consists of the best stone cutters, finishers, polishers and stone carvers in the industry. Our resources allow us to produce at a mass level, guaranteeing available stock for our customers. With the acquisition of many local manufacturing companies as old as 1925, Global Values has preserved a century old stone crafting tradition. Global Values has held on to the beauty of old world craftsmanship and combined it with state of the art manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest quality possible. With machinery such as wire saws, automatic head changing polishers, five axis CNC machines, and CNC lathes, we have embraced the technology of today to ensure we have the right tool for every manufacturing job.