September  2015 :

Global Values Inc. has purchased the assets of Houle Brothers Granite Company in Barre, VT. For more than 50 years, Houle Brothers Inc has been a significant player in domestic monuments industry in Barre. For those unfamiliar with Barre, VT, Houle Brothers Granite Company is right next to the Northern Mausoleum building we acquired earlier this year. Together, Northern Mausoleum - being nearly a 30,000 square feet building, and Houle Brothers - being a well maintained, fully-equipped manufacturing plant with an about 35,000 square feet building and almost 4.1 acres of land, they provide us with all the space and the infrastructure we need. 

More importantly, this acquisition will give us a head start in the manufacturing of monuments in Barre. Our manufacturing was limited with the Northern Mausoleum facility due to a lack of space. We are planning to upgrade and expand the manufacturing capabilities at Houle Brothers. With the state-of-the-art manufacturing, sandblast, etching capabilities, and the skill set of a very experienced workforce, Global Values Inc. is becoming a well-rounded full-service monument company offering a full range of granite memorial products. 

This integrated service and product offering will benefit our customers and allow them to enjoy a one-stop-shop for all their monument needs.

Our new Barre, VT location is:

Global Values Inc
19 S. Front Street,
Barre, VT 05641


March 2015 :

Global Values Inc. has acquired Northern Mausoleum Services in March 2015. And we have moved our offices to the new location in order to include our inventory and production operations along with sandblast and etching, all in one place. The new location has expanded sandblast capabilities, which allows us to handle bigger sandblast jobs and mausoleums efficiently.