Our History

Global Values Inc. started in 1999 in Elk Grove Village, IL. In 2000, we moved our operations to St. Cloud, MN, and Elberton, GA.

In 2004, we started our Barre operations by conveying our deep commitment to serving our customers by purchasing more than 6000 monuments from the secured creditors of ISP and reclaiming all the containers stuck at various ports with the ISP purchase. We also started offering sandblast services in Barre, VT. Subsequently, we also started doing etching, starting with in-house hand etching and later expanding to laser etching.

In 2009, we closed our warehouse operation in St. Cloud, MN, to focus on expanding our Elberton, GA, and Barre, VT operations to full-service monument service locations, especially our sandblast and etching operations.

In 2015, we acquired Northern Mausoleum Services in Barre, VT. Northern Mausoleum Services inherits its history from Chioldi Granite. These two companies had significant history and experience building and installing some of the largest mausoleums in the country. That same year, the company acquired the assets of Houle Brothers Granite Company, which shares its history with Houle Gudici Granite company for a legacy of more than sixty years of granite product manufacturing.

After becoming a full-fledged manufacturer in Barre, VT, the company focused on modernizing our manufacturing operation. Right now, we have a wire saw, an automatic head-changing polishing machine, a five-axis CNC machine, state-of-the-art sandblasting, and laser etching.

Our skilled workforce really became complete with the acquisition of Montpelier Granite Works in 2017.

In 2018, we acquired Northeast Granite Company and added their equipment to increase our manufacturing capacity.

We also started manufacturing in Elberton, leasing the Century Harmony plant in 2019.

We recently acquired Cochran’s Inc. We now also provide CAD drafting software and CAD training to our customers.

With our strength of importing beautiful granite colors from all over the world paired with our comprehensive granite manufacturing, etching, and sandblasting operations in the North in Barre, VT and in the South in Elberton, GA, Global Values Inc demonstrates its commitment to being a full-service monument company, providing a one-stop solution for monuments, columbariums, and mausoleums.