Why Global Values

“Global Values Inc is a business-to-business supplier and considers it a privilege to contribute to the success of other businesses.”

What We Offer

  • The success and growth of the businesses we serve.
  • A complete solution for our customers.
  • Full service to the success of our customer base.
  • To offer a complete range of products, including large civic memorials, mausoleums and columbariums of domestic and imported colors, from large monuments to small vases.
  • To offer high quality hand sculpted statuary and monuments.
  • To offer high quality sandblast carving on all the beautiful colors from around the world. You can rarely find in-house sandblast carving for imported granite colors.
  • To supply architectural finish work for interior and exterior projects including granite and marble facing.

What makes us different

  • We are a full-service manufacturer of granite products.
  • We supply all the beautiful colors the world has to offer. From granite colors quarried in North America to colors from all around the world, including marble and limestone.
  • We offer the highest quality in both domestic colors and imported colors.
  • We hold one of the largest inventories of finished granite monuments, including our extensive imported inventory.
  • Located in Barre, VT and Elberton, GA
  • We equip our plants with state-of-the-art technology and excellent workmanship.
  • We uniquely offer in-house sandblasting services on imported granite colors.
  • We are one of the very few monument manufacturers to offer hand and laser etching work in-house for personal and civic memorials.
  • We are the only granite manufacturer to offer industry standard, state-of-the-art CAD software and custom software development solutions for our customers.
  • We source the highest color quality in all the materials we supply.
  • We reliably connect our customers with the best products in their category.

Our Impact:

  • Introduced many of the most beautiful colors from the world.
  • Introduced the most monumental shapes in America every year since 2000.
  • Introduced Antique finishing in North America.
  • We revolutionize our industry as we push the needle forward with each service.